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In a Syracuse University Study, Ruckus hardware out-performed its competitors

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Why Ruckus Wireless?


Ruckus Smart WiFi uniquely delivers the most reliable WiFi signals possible. Patented Ruckus WiFi technology called BeamFlexTM directs WiFi signals toward associated clients, picking the best performing path and constantly routing signals around interference as it is encountered.


Delivering seamless and secure connections is job one for a WiFi network. The Ruckus SmartCellTM Architecture combines the industry's broadest and hightest-performing radio portfolio with the SmartCellTM Gateway 200 for unrivaled scale and flexibility in cellular integration.


As your business develops, so do your WiFi needs. Grow your WiFi network with ease through tens of thousands of APs, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and tens of Gbps of aggregate traffic without major infrastructure expenditures.


Ruckus Wireless prides themselves on industry leading innovation. Working within the framework of WiFi and 3GPP standards, the Ruckus has developed the industry’s most scalable, flexible, and efficient platform for bringing WiFi traffic into the mobile core.

Ruckus - Simply Better Wireless.

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Deep Blue Communications

We are the experts in moving WiFi networks to cloud hosting and Smart Access Management. Our Cloud hosted Ruckus networks can support tens of thousands of Ruckus WiFi access points, ensuring a consistent user experience across all your locations, while providing better uptime than a locally managed Ruckus Zone Director. Our cloud based services provide the power and scalability you need in a rapidly moving market; our fully redundant data centers provide you with the best uptime in the business. We provide Ruckus Smart Access Management in the cloud at the price you can afford, backed by the best service in the business.

Social Media Authentication

Advertising, Demographics and Analytics

24/7/365 U.S. Based Helpdesk

Real-Time Network Monitoring

With our Social Media Authentication and E-marketing tools, we can help you monetize your WiFi system and raise your Social Media Profile. Did you know a single like on Facebook can be worth over $175? We can help you engage with your customer on the social media platform of their choice. Our Advertising and Analytics tools will help you better understand who your customers are and how to meet their needs. Additionally you can add our 24/7/365 U.S. Based Helpdesk and Real-time Network Monitoring for extra support.

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“The combination of simplified managed and streamlined deployment with the best WiFi access points on site is a powerful combination that today is unmatched within the industry”.

Brian Epstein
President and CEO
Deep Blue Communications